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If you enjoyed reading about "The Bible Code", "The DaVinci Code", "The Dead Sea Scrolls", the "Matrix Trillogy", or the "Gnostic Gospels", the ET Corn Gods Game will knock your socks off. Looking for the "Second Coming"or "The Holy Grail"? Confused by "UFO", "Alien Abduction", "Crop Circle", "Extraterrestrial", "Jesus". Look no further. Hidden Meanings of all these and thousands more words are revealed by the ET Corn Gods Game.

Attention Super Bright People and Mensa Members: The ET Corn Gods Language and Game has a logic/mathematical twist -- the ultimate GEEK game, one created by "GOD".

Download ET Corn Gods Game for FREE! This game contains about 15,000 sample translations, and provides tools for you to do your own translations. A Tutorial for the game can also be viewed by clicking on "Tutorial" on the Left.

In 1985 George R. Simpson, a notable engineer and inventor, was "visited" by extraterrestrial contact. He was told that there was a hidden language imbedded in the English language and that it was his job to determine the decoding rules for revealing the hidden meanings and teach the world about the hidden messages. Simpson has worked twenty-two years on this important project, first to uncover the code, then to document the decoding structure and translated messages.

Simpson found that, indeed, the hidden language has been encrypted in English words by "God". This is an unprecedented appearance of "God" - to teach mankind. The decoded words/messages are often corny, silly, fun, and something very boring; they are always brutally true criticisms of our present world. The Holy Bible has been coded by "God" to contain thousands, if not millions, of hidden meanings. The extent of the hidden meanings is indeed Overwhelming.

This website gives a full description of the language - complete with decoding (translation) instructions, examples and FAQ's.

If you want to know about alien abduction, crop circles, extraterrestrial, ufo, jesus -- if you are a member of Mensa or not, if you are very bright and inquisitive, this is the site for you.


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