ET Corn Gods Language and Game - Hidden meanings in the english language and Bible
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About ET Corn Gods Game

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Who Should Buy the Game?

Really bright people who are "seeking" will find the game earthshaking - they will learn how to discover new meanings with the tools provided in the game and on the website. Mensa members will enjoy the challenge of finding hidden meanings using the Periodic Table of Elements and other tables found in the Quick Reference section. Most everyone will enjoy the game for purposes of browsing through the thousands of translated messages. Some will get irate about the ET Corn Gods messages that criticize subjects or people they hold above criticism - like the Pope, George Bush, the USA, Jews, the church, Catholics, Mormons, Harvard, Yale, etc.

If you enjoyed reading about "The Bible Code", "The DaVinci Code", "The Dead Sea Scrolls", the "Matrix Trillogy", or the "Gnostic Gospels", the ET Corn Gods Game will knock your socks off. Looking for the "Second Coming"or "The Holy Grail"? Look no further. Meanings of both are revealed by the ET Corn Gods Game.

Want to dig, get confused, get shocked, be surprised? -- This is the game for you!

To Play the Game

1) Become familiar with the rules of the ET Corn Gods Language. The Language Translation Rules are summarized on a card (printed on both sides) supplied with the game. This step is easy.
2) Learn how to play the ET Corn Gods Game using the computerized database of over 14,000 problem translations. A "Walkthrough" tutorial is avalible to help you learn to play the game.
3) Practice to become good.

This fascinating game is for smart, flexible, and inquisitive people. It takes practice. Being good at the ET Corn Gods Game takes the ability to perceive and change your perceptions in face of word translation alternatives which seem to contradict each other.

It is not easy to become an expert player. Often, the logical twists and turns in the game are mindboggling. Why should a game invented by God be easy and without controversy?

System Requirements: ET Corn Gods Game

IBM compatibles, Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP. The ET Corn Gods Game data is stored in standard Microsoft Access database format, allowing you to manipulate the problem/answer/solution data as you want.

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