ET Corn Gods Language and Game - Hidden meanings in the english language and Bible
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can't you just make any word into any other word using the ET Corn Gods Translation Rules?
No! The marvel of the ET Corn Gods Language translations is that there are a family of words which come from one word. Try to make up another translation matrix. Say use the number 73 or 56 instead of 66. Use a different number of elements than 105, and use different element Atomic Symbols and Element Names, and use a different number of books in the Bible, and different Bible Book names and abbreviations. Then see if you can get meaningful translations -- you'll get nothing.

What is the significance of the Mayan Corn God used as a symbol of the ET Corn Gods Language and Game?
You will find that the ET Corn Gods language is full of analogy. The Corn God was the God of the Mayan civilization. The Mayan civilization had a written language, but until very recently it had not been decoded. When decoded, like the ET Corn Gods language, there were many layers of meanings within one Mayan writing. And there is another Mayan religion which also has meaning to the ET Corn Gods Language. That is the Maya sect of the Hindu religion in India. The Maya sect believes that God's function on earth is to fool man. They believe that the manifestation of God on earth (religion, ET's, other mystic things) is an example of man's worst traits. Religion, the ET's, UFO's, other mystical things are put upon earth as a "God Sting" to show us our worst traits as human beings.

Why was it George Simpson who discovered the ET Corn Gods hidden language?
The ET Corn Gods language translations contain hundreds of translations which prove that George R. Simpson was chosen to find and introduce the ET Corn Gods Language. It is ironic that a CORNell engineer, inventor was chosen to do the dirty work of finding and introducing the ET Corn Gods Language.

What are UFO's and ET's?
We will probably never know all there is to know about ET's. They are real, and of "GOD". The visions of ET's are put upon earth to show us ourselves at our worst.

Take for instance the widely publicized "Alien Autopsy". Doctors are performing an autopsy upon an Alien. The Alien is a representation of us. When the doctors open the chest of the alien, they find a substance which certainly is not the stomach of a human. When you look between his legs, he has no sex organs. When they open his head, they pull out stuff which looks nothing like a brain.

Translation: The Alien US -- No Brains, No Balls, No Guts.


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