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A God "Sting" | Hidden messages, 14,000 examples | Example Translations | Earth shaking revelations | breaking the ET Corn Gods Secret Code |

The ET Corn Gods Language is used to uncover hidden meanings in words of the English Language. The language has a logic/mathematical twist to it. The number 66 is the base of the math used. There are [five primary tables] used to convert normal words into families of hidden meanings. Those five tables are: 1) Alphabet converted to numbers; 2) Roman Numerals; 3) Numbers converted to the base 66; 4) the Table of Contents for the 66 books of the Bible; and 5) the Periodic Table of the Elements.

A God Sting

When you study the ET Corn Gods Language, and play the ET Corn Gods Game, you will discover that there are extensive trees of hidden meanings contained in the structure of each word of the English Language. These encrypted meanings are the result of a sting on the human race. Only God could have planted all of these hidden messages, which now may be uncovered through The ET Corn Gods Game.

Hidden Messages, 14,000 examples

To play the ET Corn Gods Game, your job is to use decoding rules to uncover the hidden meanings that God has caused to be placed into the structure of everyday words. One or more persons may play the game.
Subjects of the decoded messages are from today's world -- subjects like O. J. Simpson, the killing, the lawyers, judge, jury, the trial, dates, who killed Nicole and Ron, down to the last detail of OJ’s cars, the gloves and the hat.[See: Sample Translations]

Impossible as it may seem, the words of our language were crafted centuries ago by entities who knew the future! The subjects uncovered in the ET Corn Gods translations include: sports, sex, religions, events and personalities of our contemporary society -- with up-to-date slang and names of famous and about to become famous people.

Once the ET Corn Gods Language was discovered, the computerized ET Corn Gods Game was created containing a database of over 15,000 word problems with translations -- uncovering families of hidden meanings in the words. Each game problem comes complete with a derivation of the translation. The 15,000 examples in the game are but a small percentage of the messages that God meant for us to uncover now!

Example Translations

Many words, when translated, reveal a cluster of meanings logically surrounding each word.

Some of the hidden language discoveries are lighthearted and "cute", like the Football/Basketball examples given here, but more often the revelations are blunt and guttural - in the view of polite society -- "disgusting". The translations will also show why God has used disgusting and guttural language to reveal hidden meanings.

The two words "Football" and "Basketball" each decode into many statements about the games: Football = "Kick Ball", "Kickoff Ball", "Center Ball", "Aim the Ball", "Pass the Ball", "Catch Ball", "Tackle", "Fall, Stall", "Run 100 Yard Field", "Game on Television", "Play in Winter/Fall".

Basketball = "Us All Tall", "Dribble Ball", "Pass Ball", "Catch Ball", "Dunk Ball", "Fall", "Stall".

Earth Shaking Revelations

When words of the English language are decoded to reveal hidden meanings, the interpretations of these decoded messages are often causing "did God really mean that?" arguments. Many of the translations are likely to result in discussions that will set the world on it's ear.

When you learn the language of God, the ET Corn Gods Language, you will be compelled to think about God, Religion, ET's, UFO's, and other paranormal subjects. What you learn is likely to leave you with many more questions about “the other side” than you ever had before.

The translations are likely to cause you to have new-found reservations about our present world and those who run it.

-- What are God’s Attitudes Towards Religion?

Organized religion is slaughtered by the ET Corn Gods Language revelations. The Christian religion, particularly Catholicism, is scorned for its hatred, bigotry(Big Shot Holy), and stagnation.

-- Coming of Christ and the Antichrist! Those who study the ET Corn Gods game will uncover the identity of the second coming (first coming for the Jews and Moslems) of Christ and the antichrist.

-- World Politics, Power -- USA a Bully Nation

The USA is presented in a terrible light by the ET Corn Gods Language translations. The USA/UN flavor of democracy and fairness -- law by B-52 and “veto leadership” by a small group of bully-countries -- is blasted.

-- Economic and Social Fairness, The Establishment Scorned

The ET Corn Gods Language translations show contempt for our Western system of power and privilege by birthright entitlement. Particularly ridiculed is The Establishment, IVY, white, rich, professional, educated, male, or anyone who plays the game of making more and more money -- for the sake of making more and more money.

-- UFO Watcher Community Scorned

Translations uncovered by the ET Corn Gods Game scorn the Professional UFO/ET Watchers. The word "MUFON", -- name of the largest organization of UFO/ET watchers -- decodes to the statement MUFON = "Catch UFO ET, Pawn, Muffed". In other words, MUFON = "failing to catch UFO ET's". Catching God isn’t easy!

According to the ET Corn Gods Language translations, UFO/ET's and God are one and the same. What we witness the UFO/ET's doing to people, animals, etc. are often symbolic messages to be decoded, reacted to, and acted upon by the human race.

Breaking the ET Corn Gods Secret Code

The ET Corn Gods translations are also full of references to George R. Simpson, the man who was chosen (directed) to uncover and introduce this hidden language. His birth date, where he lives, the names and other particulars about his children and relatives are all uncovered by the translations.

In 1985, George R. Simpson, a businessman, engineer, and inventor, was contacted by God and extraterrestrials (ETs) and was told that there was another language overlaid on the English language. He was told that he had been chosen to break the code and to teach the world the hidden language.

This computerized game, ET Corn Gods Game, is the result of eighteen years of research. The first two years of work was conducted without even the tiniest clue to the makeup of the language. Then the clues started coming, and the hidden code was broken. Over twelve thousand examples were developed, and the decoded messages were put into a game.



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